MB Dustcontrol BV

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MB Dustcontrol BV is located in the Netherlands and specialises in the manufacture of Dust Suppression Equipment.
The comprehensive range of equipment is used for: Demolition, Recycling, Firefighting and Handling of Bulk Goods such as steel, wood fibre and coal.
SPRAYCANNON manufactured by MB Dustcontrol comprise of a range of dust suppression equipment, offering models with horizontal throws from 10m up to 75m. These fog/misting machines produce a curtain of micro-water droplets which suppresses dust in open spaces by binding dust particles in the air so that they fall to the ground.

SPRAYCANNON is designed to weigh down and control dust emissions. It consists of 75mm bore fire hose fitted with replaceable nozzles and supports. The hose is supplied in 20m lengths.


Demolition sites
Open excavation sites
Basement sites
Concrete batching plants
Raw materials and cross-docking bulk goods

Removes the need for any labour
Volume of water used can be varied
Range of sizes to suit different applications
Can be remotely controlled