SV6065 Grout Mixer/Agitator

SV6065 Grout Mixer/Agitator

The SV6065 is a diesel or electrically operated grouting mixing system comprising the following units mounted on a skid chassis:-

  • SV65 Colloidal Grout mixer
  • Water Tank or Dust Extraction Hood
  • SV60 Grout Agitator
  • Diesel Engine or Electric Motors
  • Control Panel (Electric model only)
  • Inverter for Speed Control of Electric SV65 (optional)

The SV65 Mixer provides an extremely efficient and rapid means of producing various types of grout, which may include cement, bentonite and sand.

The mixing tank is fitted with a removable bag splitter to ensure even distribution of the materials into the mix.

The unit has a hand-operated 2-way changeover assembly to enable the grout to be either discharged or recirculated.

The W150 Water Tank is fitted on top of the mixer and the required volume of water can be adjusted to the required volume through the level gauge.

The SV60 Agitator is able to hold 3 times the mixing capacity of the mixer. There is 3-bladed impeller acting against removable baffle plates fitted on the side of the tank. The impeller rotates through a reduction gearbox.


  • One-man operation.
  • Extremely fast mixing.
  • Simple grout transfer from mixer to agitator.
  • No seals to wear out from grout


  • Rugged drive system provides output pressure up 5bar depending on grout viscosity.
  • Fully enclosed moving parts.
  • Hinged grills on top of mixer & agitator tanks. Level gauge on water tank.
  • Each unit can be removed from chassis.
  • Electric option.


The SV6065 is suitable for mixing all customary types of cementitious grouts containing bentonite and/or abrasive materials including sand up to a 1:1 ratio.

Recirculate/Discharge System
SV65 Bag Splitter & Guard
SV60 Impeller & Baffle Plates

Bearing-free mixing system