ELASTICEM Flexible Cementitious Concrete Waterproofer

ELASTICEM Flexible Cementitious Concrete Waterproofer

ELASTICEM is a flexible, cementitious concrete waterproofer, designed for waterproofing areas particularly where minor cracks or other such faults are likely to occur. The combination of its strength and flexibility combats these problems, producing lifelong waterproof structures.


ELASTICEM liquid is essentially a specially formulated synthetic latex. The powder component is a formulation of Ordinary Portland Cement, selected & graded sands and plasticisers.


  • Excellent bond strength. 250% elongation. Vapour permeable. Non-toxic.
  • Breaches fine cracks and minor voids. Simple site application.
  • Zero chloride content. Crack bridging >2mm


Adhesive strength to concrete 0.8N/mm²
Specific gravity (mixed) 1.3
Specific gravity (liquid component) 1.04
Tensile strength 1.5N/mm²
Adhesion to substrate
Water vapour transmission <24gm/m²/24hrs
Toxicity None
Pot life @ 20°C 60 min
Pot life @ 30°C 30 min



  • All substrate defects to be rectified by conventional methods and to be reasonably even, clean and sound. Prepare area to be coated by pre-wetting. Remove all water just before commencing application of ELASTICEM.
  • All surrounds to downpipes to be properly grouted with non-shrink grout.
  • ELASTICEM is to be mixed in a clean plastic pail, using a slow speed paddle mixer. Pour all the liquid component into the pail, slowly adding the powder while constantly stirring. Continue until a lump-free homogeneous mix is achieved. Add minimal water to produce a workable slurry, but do not over-water as this will prevent correct coverage being attained
  • ELASTICEM is to be applied in 2 coats at right-angles to each other, using either a paint brush, broom or squeegee, at the rate of 1kg/m²/coat. The interval between coats should be 12-36 hours. Pre-wetting is not required between coats.
  • Protect from all forms of traffic for a minimum of 72 hours.


ELASTICEM is supplied in 18kg sets, comprising 50% powder component and 50% liquid component.

ELASTICEM can be stored in a cool, ventilated area for at least 12 months.

As with all cementitious products, ELASTICEM powder component has a high alkali content and therefore skin protection is recommended. ELASTICEM should be washed off immediately with clean water and rubber gloves should be worn.