HYPOL K9 Cementitious Water Plug

HYPOL K9 Cementitious Water Plug


HYPOL K9 water plug is a rapid setting mortar designed for the instant plugging of severe leaks in concrete structures.


HYPOL K9 is a formulation of OPC and a series of fast set chemicals, producing a non-shrink, high strength, durable mass.


  • Easy to apply, requiring no special equipment or tools.
  • Stops flowing water almost instantly.
  • Can be used for underwater repairs.
  • Exceptional durability.
  • Non-toxic.


HYPOL K9, when mixed with water, will commence a chemical reaction after about 60 seconds, causing it to set.


HYPOL K9 has a shelf life of at least 6 months, provided it is stored unopened in a cool, dry location.


HYPOL K9 is supplied in 5kg pails and 25 kg paper sacks.


HYPOL K9 is non-toxic but is mildly alkaline in liquid state. Gloves should be worn and splashes onto the skin should be removed with clean water.


The concrete surrounding the leaking hole or crack should be chiseled out to a width of at least 25mm. for better results it should be chipped out ensuring the hole is wider within rather than at the surface (inverted ā€˜Vā€™ cut). If there is water pressure involved, drill small weep holes to relieve the pressure during application. They can easily be patched up upon completion of the major repair.

HYPOL K9 should be gradually added to clean water with a small trowel continually mixing for about 30 seconds. The volume mixing ratio is 1:4 water to powder (1:5 by weight).

Hold the mixed HYPOL K9 in the hand until heat generation is felt, then force the material into the prepared area. It will take a further 1-2 minutes to fully harden.