SV13 Hand Operated Chemical Piston Grout Pump

SV13 Hand Operated Chemical Piston Grout Pump

The SV13 is an easily portable hand operated single acting high pressure piston pump which is suitable for injecting various types of chemical grouts.


Max Output 0.02 litre/stroke
Max Pressure 100 bar
Dimensions 100 x 48 x 60cm (including stand)
Weight 19kg


The unit is supplied complete with:-

  • Pump body with pressure gauge
  • Collapsible stand
  • Suction Hose
  • 3m delivery hose with connector


The SV13 is suitable for pumping all customary types of polyurethane grouts such as PURSEAL and also premixed injection epoxy resins.



We have available a selection of packers including:-

16mm plastic throw-away

plastic packer

16mm steel reusable

steel packer

10mm brass reusable

brass packer