SV65 Colloidal Grout Mixer

SV65 Colloidal Grout Mixer

Only 950mm high for ease of loading, the heavy-duty mixing tank takes a full 300 litre mix. This can be discharged rapidly through the horizontally mounted impeller pump assembly housed in the base of the unit. A simple valve system enables the grout to be either recirculated or discharged.


  • Extremely fast mixing.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • No seals to wear out.
  • Fast cleaning.
  • Low wear.

Max output pressure 5bar depending on grout viscosity Specification for Electric Mixer SV65-0210HP 3ph 50Hz

Max mixing capacity 300litres
Max discharge rate 1000litres/min depending on grout viscosity
Impeller speed 1450rpm
Specification for Electric Mixer 10HP 3ph 50Hz
Dimensions 107 x 107 x 132cm
Weight 265kg


The SV65 is suitable for mixing all customary types of cementitious grouts containing bentonite and/or abrasive materials including sand up to a 1:1 ratio.

Rugged drive system provides output pressure up to 5bar.
High speed, high shear vortex ensures each cement particle is fully wetted. Simple bag splitter c/w grill.
Electric or diesel options